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Realivent Corporation

Realivent (Pronounced as [rel-uh-vuhnt], or relevant) as in “applicable, pertinent, significant and directly related and connected” information and tools to the “subject” (of real estate).

Realivent brings the most advanced technology to real estate agents and the clients they serve by focusing on building relationships through powerful marketing tools and a transparent online real estate community. Although there is currently a huge push for real estate data, we believe that real estate is much more than beds, baths, and the number of houses sold. As we all know, one of the fundamental rules of real estate is - location, location, location. But we at Realivent believe that not only is real estate about location but also about the same real estate fundamentals applied 20 years ago - relationships, relationships, relationships. Real estate is a relationship business and all the data in the world will not change this. Relationships begin with trust and trust begins with providing useful and relevant information. Realivent aims to connect real estate agents to potential clients in a non-obtrusive, helpful, and friendly manner by providing tools that engender trust and using the latest technologies to promote efficiency and the ever increasing need for transparency. We focus on open-source technology to help make marketing properties easier and more powerful than ever. By focusing on the services offered by real estate agents, we can provide agents with quick and efficient tools aimed at marketing properties faster so that agents can spend their time where its most important - building relationships with their clients. We hope you enjoy our products and will continue to bring new open source technologies to make real estate marketing easier and more relevant to consumers.


Social networking, business collaboration, and general sharing of information. Website and blogsite development using free open source tools. Extending websites and blogsites from single sites into networked sites. Realivent develops applications which allow easier integration onto social platforms.

If you are operating a brokerage and need a marketing technology platform you've come to the right place.  We can get your brokerage up and running with our platform immediately.  We also provide customization and branding to make you stand out from the crowd.  Please contact us for your next sales meeting seminars.

Team Realivent. Contact Us: (408)532-5825