How to choose a domain name for real estate blogsite

Picking your domain name for your real estate website / blogsite is one of the first steps to getting online.  The domain name is like the sign on your new storefront.   It is an extension of your brand or marketing message.  It should be easy to read, easy to remember and relevant.   If you already have offline marketing which needs to be replicated online, it is much easier to choose the domain name.  The domain name may be your business name – or it may be a geographically targeted name focused on doing business in a certain area such as

There are lots of considerations  when choosing a new domain name for your blogsite, here are  several important things to think about.

(1)Does it have relevant keywords ?

Whether the domain name is based on  a business name or a keyword, does it have the right keywords in the name itself .  For example for real estate, it is a good idea to put the real estate into the domai name. Compare these two examples:
(a) vs
Both would do just fine, but if you are able to add a keyword or two into the domain name it would be more relevant in terms of having the right keywords.
Here is another example with location in the domain name:
(a) vs
The former is a much better domain name because it is specific to a location and the extra location keywords helps qualify and focuses the site to a geographical area.

(2)Is it easy to remember ?

As equally important is whether or not the domain name you choose is easy to remember.  The domain name can have relevant and descriptive keywords  but if it’s too difficult to remember or type into the URL bar, it can be difficult to remember which can result in lost repeat visits.  For example, don’t use domain names with extensive dashes such as  Use the “.com” (dot com) top level extension first if possible because that is what most people are familiar with.  If “.com” is not available then use some variation of your first choice.  If those have been exhausted then proceed as a last resort to look for other extensions such as “.net” or “.biz” or “.info”

Another reason to avoid non “.com” extensions is because if you are successful, you may start to build brand equity for someone else.  Consider this example.  Your target geographic farm is Silicon Valley and you want to find a domain name for this area.  After some research, you find that “” has already been taken by another agent in your area (your competitor).  If you decide that you really want “SiliconValleyRealEstate” as part of your domain name and then proceed to purchase  ”” then you may be in a position to help your competitor through indirect marketing.  Once you start marketing your site in flyers, newsletters, and through search engines buyers and sellers will start to remember your brand  as Mr or Mrs “SiliconValleyRealEstate”  But since many have been trained to add the “.com” extension you may have just done your competitors a big favor by driving traffic to their site.  A new buyer may have remembered “SiliconValleyRealEstate” and instinctively add “.com” and end up on your competitor’s site.  If they find what they need on your competitor’s site, it is with high probability that they will not need to visit “” and may not even know it exists.

These are are only a few of the considerations when thinking about what domain name to buy for your new online presence.  If there are any questions, please contact us and we can talk it through with you.

Once you have decided to purchase the domain name where do you go ?

There are thousands of domain name providers, but we find that agents mostly use the following:

Please let us know if you need any assistance.
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