Should I have a static or dynamic front page ?

Blog posts on the front page is one way for search engines to recognize fresh content on a site, however, since there are so many search engine optimization (SEO) factors for real estate websites / blogsites, posts on the front page is only one consideration for the overall search-ability of your site and should not limit the design of your site.

“I want the advantages of a real estate blog, but I don’t want my site to look like a blog, what are your suggestions ?”

For some purposes it may be conducive to have a welcome or landing page that is custom so that site visitors can be directed to certain areas of the site more easily. In this case, the front page would be custom designed using landing page optimization best practices taking into account the most effective call-to-actions and content strategy that would funnel site visitors deeper into pages which can convert.

Real estate brokerage sites or community sites can also use the hybrid approach which would integrate static elements as well as the latest blog posts, tweets, and Facebook status updates post to certain sections of the front page.  This hybrid approach allows the site to retain a corporate or community look and feel while at the same time take advantage of the benefits of dynamic content.

The possibilities are endless with WordPress as a content management system for real estate.  If you need determining what is the best format for your new blogsite, please contact us and we can walk through some ideas.

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